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Good Places for Lunch and Dinner

The conference will be held in the C.A.R.L. auditorium. Nearby you find the University Mensa (4-minute-walk) and the Pontstrasse (8-minute-walk) with a variety of very affordable restaurants. We have some recommendations for lunch (close to the venue) and dinner (closer to the city centre).


MAMA & PAPA TAI (Pontstrasse 95, 52062 Aachen) offers Vietnamese food and sushi. They have a special lunch menu.

At Habibi (Pontstrasse 151, 52062 Aachen), you can find all vegetarian Libanese food. They have very limited seeting, but their food is great for take-away!

AKL (Pontstraße 1-3, 52062 Aaachen )is another small Libanese restaurant. There are a few spots inside, but you can also order food from AKL to eat in the more spacious cafe nextdoor, the Cafe Egmont. Alternatively, get a take-away meal and take a walk around the town hall and the cathredral, which are within a few minutes' walking distance.

If you are only looking for snack and a coffee in the lunch break, we can also highly recommend Aachen's bakeries . For example, there is a Nobis bakery directly next to the C.A.R.L. auditorium. When in Aachen, try Pinten (similar to gingerbread) and Streuselbrötchen (a local yeast-based pastry with very sweet crumbles).


Karls Wirtshaus (Markt 17 - 21, 52062 Aachen) offers hearty German food and a selection of different beers in a modern atmosphere. It is located at the market near the town hall.

Aachener Brauhaus is another, more traditional option for hearty German cooking, like roasted pork ("Haxe").

DAY DU (Kleinmarschierstraße 74, 52062 Aachen) is a modern Asian restaurant, offering sushi and curries.

At Pizzeria La Finestra (Pontstraße 123, 52062 Aachen), you can get typical Italian specialities like pizza, pasta, and salads.

More recommendations will be added soon.